Why Choose Key Dollar?

Our highlights include 30 years experience, units built to last, 5 year warranty, variety of sizes, self-cleaning models, and customized separators.

A Variety of Services

Walk in jobs or request over the internet, custom built machines to fit customer needs, free advice and recommendations on what potential customers need to do, variety of machine sizes and more.

Quality Separator Products

We have many separator products available. More copy about products goes here. Nunc egestas eleifend metus quis feugiat. Ut tincidunt ut erat.

Go Green with Key Dollar

Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy.

What’s New


I would recommend key dollar to anyone because quality is their most important factor
    – Neil Michaels, National Frozen Food, Albany, Oregon

They have a regular pork farm system and use wood chips in the trucks while hauling the pigs. The truck wash system separates out the wood chips with a Key Dollar side hill separator. The water from this goes to a Key Dollar micro-screen separator with a 325 mesh screen. The water then goes to settling tanks and then to the fields for watering. The wood pulp floats off and the solids go to the soil.
    – Testimony for the 325 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen by Bruce Ward, Manager, Minnesota Pork Industries, Amboy, Minnesota

Our Separator works very good and has saved us thousands of dollars of disposal cost. I highly recommend Key Dollar.
    – Bill Phillipps, President, VJL Waste Management Services, Inc., Lucerne Valley, California

We want to thank you for this machine. It is a "Deusie". What is important is the fact that this machine has been basically trouble free since we received it. It has been used 360 days per year for years and we have run in excess of forty million gallons of septage through it with very few problems.
    – Les Elderidge, Tenelco, Inc., Lake Stevens, Washington