The Micro-Screen Separator is an ideal machine for removing suspended solids and debris from effluent water streams. Taking our standard “Sidehill” Separators a step further in the removal of solids.

With its efficient design and high flow rate, our Model 500 can process up to 30,000 gal/hr depending on mesh size and influent. Mesh sizes down to 400 (37 micron) can be used to maximize water cleanup and solids removal, helping discharged effluent to reduce BOD and TSS levels saving the environment and cost.

Our Micro-screen machines use our patented wash system to clean and prolong the life of the screens reducing maintenance, time and cost. These machines are also available with a complete CIP (clean in process) system to potentially eliminate the need to add fresh water to the self-cleaning process.

In addition to our standard Micro-Screen units, we also offer two stage machines which use a perforated stainless steel secondary screen to prescreen the influent extending the life and wear of the finer mesh screens. This also offers another layer of solids reduction.

Key Dollar Separators come in many sizes and configurations that can be tailored to your needs. Our Micro-screen machines are available in 100, 250 and 500 gal/min models, in a single stage or with two stages. Micro-screen Separators are also available with fully automated controls to further fine tune to your separation and dewatering needs.

At the 1986 World Ag Expo in Tulare, our Micro-Screen Separator was voted “The best separator for producing the cleanest water for lagoons."

Go Green with Key Dollar Separators

Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy

Key Dollar Separator In Truck Wash facility


Key Dollar Separators have become a leader in the truck washing industry by partnering with truck washes across the country to help with their separation needs and reduce time and labor spent on these processes.

Key Dollar Sidehill at Dairy


Whether your goal is keeping solids out of your lagoon or cleaning dairy flush water so that it can be used for irrigation….Key Dollar Separators have a proven history in manure liquid-solid separation.

Cherry Farm - Food Processor


Key Dollar Separator provides treatment and pre-treatment solutions for direct discharge and water reuse, including applications for dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, and more.

Municipal Waste Recycler


Key Dollar Separator helps reduce the environmental footprint from waste streams by maximizing the reuse of water. High liquid content of sludge from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment have a high impact on disposal costs.

Neil Michaels, National Frozen Food, Albany, Oregon

“I would recommend Key Dollar to anyone because quality is their most important factor.”

Neil Michaels, National Frozen Food, Albany, Oregon

Bill Phillipps, President, VJL Waste Management Services, Inc., Lucerne Valley, California

“Our Separator works very good and has saved us thousands of dollars of disposal cost. I highly recommend Key Dollar.”

Bill Phillipps, President, VJL Waste Management Services, Inc., Lucerne Valley, California

Les Elderidge, Tenelco, Inc., Lake Stevens, Washington

“We want to thank you for this machine. It is a “Deusie”. What is important is the fact that this machine has been basically trouble free since we received it. It has been used 360 days per year for years and we have run in excess of forty million gallons of septage through it with very few problems.”

 Les Elderidge, Tenelco, Inc., Lake Stevens, Washington

Bob Nix

“My wastewater is pumped with a 7.5 hp centrifugal water pump through a big gun with 4″ PVC. It is pumped over a mile. This is only possible because there are no solids in the water, thanks to Key Dollar Separator.”

– Bob Nix

Neil Michael, Plant Engineer at National Frozen Foods in Albany, Oregon

“In order to keep the Department of Environmental Quality satisfied after citizen complaints of the odor from the lagoon, lime treatment had to be applied until the odor was under control. Three years ago they put in two Key Dollar Micro-Screens and have not used lime since and have NO BAD ODOR SMELL! All their cannery water is pumped three miles out of town.

The Key Dollar machines operate using water it cleaned to clean its own screens – NO OTHER WATER NEEDED! They operate automatically. They turn on when the water comes on and turn off when the pump stops. The solids removed are spread on fields nearby and are not allowed to spoil. They can be spread on pasture, new cut hay or on ground to be cultivated. Neil Michael said he would be pleased to talk to anyone who had or has lagoon odor/smell problems.”

– Neil Michael, Plant Engineer at National Frozen Foods in Albany, Oregon