Key Dollar Sidehill at Dairy


Whether your goal is keeping solids out of your lagoon or cleaning dairy flush water so that it can be used for irrigation….Key Dollar Separators have a proven history in manure liquid-solid separation.

Agricultural manure management has many advantages for the farm and livestock. In addition to being a valuable source of plant nutrients, manure can be treated so that you will see your farm profitability increase by recovering the fiber contained in manure in order to produce compost or bedding.

You get recycled solid matter and concentration of nutrients in the liquid increasing existing storage capacity in lagoons and holding tanks. Solids are easily stackable and remain stable when stored. They can be used for further treatment in composting and bedding recovery.

Svehaug with Separator
Key Dollar Roll Press R525

By separating manure, you ensure a longer life for your equipment as well as avoiding accumulation. In a flush system, separating organics from liquids also gives you less odor, lower nitrogen loss and lower greenhouse gas emissions.