Cherry Farm - Food Processor


Key Dollar Separator provides treatment and pre-treatment solutions for direct discharge and water reuse, including applications for dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, and more.

Food processors and manufacturers typically use high volumes of water as an ingredient or as part of the cleaning and sanitization process. Generally this plant discharge water contains high quantities of BOD and TSS and must be treated before being possibly reused or discharged.

Over time, Key Dollar Separators have proven themselves as an effective means of cleaning plant discharge water by mechanically removing suspended solids down to .007” particle size. Depending on a wide variety of factors and regulations, this makes further water treatment processes either unnecessary or much more efficient by reducing the polymer inputs required for further cleanup.

Key Dollar Model 100 Roll Press
Cherry Farm - Food Processor

Using Key Dollar Separators as part of the wastewater treatment process helps food processors realize long-term efficiencies, environmental compliance and overall positive impact to their bottom lines.